This is part of a story that was started by Joel, continued by Roland and Kahill….

Calm down… she whispered.

For a moment I thought it was come down…

My mind was already running wild with desire, I was not thinking straight, my hands were growing weary yet full of strength, I felt like could lift an elephant yet felt so weak. I Could hardly feel my knee caps.

This is it,  I thought to self. Am taking my crush down tonight. My boxers already at knee level as my other hand searched her body. Every tiny inch of her like a ‘foreigner’ being checked for C4 at an American Airport. My heart was pumping, my eyes dilating, I was sweating yet shivering like a little child who has caught a fever from playing in the rain. My member at full stretch!

Stop it! Stop it! She yelled out as she broke away from my firm grip. I told you to calm down, she went on. We can’t be doing this. Not so soon. I really like you. I just can’t seem to get Richard off my mind… and you say he is your elder brother. That makes things even more complicated.  I don’t want to be dubbed the family whore.

Come on hun,  you are anything but! You are amazing, I really need you, I tried to reason back as she pulled further away. We can’t be doing this, she told me. You need to dress up.

Right in that moment,  I could feel my brother staring down at me. With that ugly look. His gu nose breathing down my neck. With that grin I hated so much. I win again! That’s all I could hear in my mind. A rage started to boil on the inside of me. I did not know whether to be angry at my brother or to first deal with the shame of being naked in my Crush’s presence and being told to dress up.

You know we can’t do this, I could still hear her say… as if from a distance. I had drifted away, conjuring my next move…

lost-in-thought-aaa40448-b413-4645-8be1-ca9639826151To be continued