@ikomusana my friend you are simply amazing. Great piece here. The minute I started reading, I just couldn’t stop.

Everything and Nothing

My heart is breaking. While I was looking around to buy coffee at the Dullis International airport in Washington,  I ran into my pastor Gary Skinner of Watoto Church in the flesh, without any lights and sound from church.

Excitement couldn’t be contained and a selfie was requested, but in typical me mode,  I didn’t save it.
So yes my heart is breaking but it’s a warm fuzzy break because I still had an opportunity to talk to someone I revere, admire and whose vision I am proud to be invited to, I just don’t have a picture to prove it..

7 days, 8nights , enough junk food to last me a lifetime,  a year older, a whole bunch of business cards to fill my brand new wallet, and an IMF/World Bank credibility chip later,  am on my way back home.

Back to life as I absolutely know it and…

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