Oh how fast the years go by,  it’s been 5 years now since I stood in the freedom square. [Is that even the name?] Dad had travelled into the city a night before, oh how he loves a graduation ceremony! I remember everything so vividly,  have I been blessed with an interesting memory or does it come easily to everyman?

I remember my hunt for a suit to wear to the function.  Hmmmm some bits are best left unsaid I guess. Well I ended up in a black suit ant grey shirt that didn’t fit so well…. well I look back and can’t keep myself from laughing at the day.

I have never really been excited about graduation and examination results,  I still remember when my friends celebrated admission to Undergrad, I just kept on like nothing had really happened, maybe it’s because I expected nothing less [humble brag] and so was graduation, the 3 years of University had come and gone by so easily without much to write home about. I didn’t stay up late or wake up so early to read, I some how always did well enough to get on by…

Those days are long gone now. Am back to the drawing board 5 years later and I can’t seem to have a firm grip on this one. The work load piles up on day one!  You get course work before a lecturer even comes to class. In a month of school I have lost count of the course works and tests I have done. Actually we teach ourselves. The lecturers do a good job of handing us the course outline am seating in as we fight our way through the materials.

So now I do school related work all week long!  Yes, even Sunday.  I am slowly losing it! But oh how I like it. How I love listening to people present and appreciate how differently we perceive information.  It is true we are complex beings.

I have enjoyed writing spontaneously on this one. Let me first present on Vertical integration and I promise to pick this up someday. I am actually being a bad student.  People are presenting and am scribbling on….

To be continued….