Well, I should have started doing this a while back. I could list a number of reasons as to why I did not, I could blame it on the several social media platforms that I subscribe to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… there seems to be so many avenues for writing, ranting, getting people’s attention to what one would like to say.

Then again, there is nothing quite like a good blog. May be the real reason I have not done this is the fear that I will not be consistent. That I will not do it as well as I would love to. So I worry about what I my fail to do right. That it will be another site I open but never really get to engage and maximize its full potential. Some times I worry about the content I will put up, what if I run out of ideas, do I want to write about politics, love, Africa, wild life, business, movies. Do I want to write about it all or just specialize on one or two topics. Do I want to write about self or about the environment. Feelings, or logical thinking.

What audience do I want to appeal to? Is it lovers of sports, religion, government, business people looking for reviews of products, students of culture seeking to learn about the African way of life or is it the lovers of fiction on the look out for any good read, is it to the hopeless romantics, digging up new ideas on how to impress their loved ones, career people, in search of ideas on how to rekindle their failing careers, do I want to be a motivational writer, comic, joker, analytical thinker?

One would imagine that by the time I finally decide to do this, I have it all figured out. I have a review of myself, I define myself in one way or the other. I love to read people’s profiles and they have themselves well thought out, Political analyst, Philosopher, some even love doctors. I am not going to define this. I am going to do it and I hope well and long enough for it to define me instead. I will write from my passions. Talk about life from my perspective. I will love doing this, because I love narratives and some day when I look back to this my preamble, I hope I will smile and say to myself, “I am glad I did it.” Then I will turn to self and ask, “What took you so long?”

Oh I am excited about this. I will go about it by the good words of Martin Luther King Jnr,“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” I will keep chipping this rock bit by bit until the image is clear. Until its beauty can be appreciated.  Am glad to have finally started, from the start!