I love complexity, I love learning new things, I had heard this term before, but never really bothered to find out any details about it. Then as I sat in office the other day, trying to have a go on the several things that seem to be swallowing me up, workload, school assignments and the so many other things I have not accomplished, some of which I honestly cannot do much about, somebody spoke about the complexity theory and referred to the butterfly effect. In that moment, it hit my mind, I wanted to know more about the butterfly effect and so I went hunting.

In my search for information, I came across a presentation by Andy Andrews, he brought it all to life. The butterfly effect was a doctoral thesis written in 1963 by a guy called Edward Lorenz and submitted to the New York academy of science and was thrown out of there. The theory held that a butterfly can flap its wings on one side of the world and set molecules into motion that would then affect other molecules and the cycle would go on and it would end up causing a hurricane on the other side of the world. I was crazy! But because it was so interesting, it hang around in legend and movies and finally physics professors in the mid 90s proved that it was accurate and viable and worked every time and not just with butterflies but with any form of moving matter including YOU. It was given law status, “The law of sensitive dependence upon initial conditions.” (At this point am tempted to put up the mathematical formula and feel intelligent, but no… I will stick to what I know best, words.) There is always a butterfly, sometimes it comes from Africa or from Europe and it is responsible for Tornados in Brazil or Texas.

Everything you do matters, every move you make, every action you take matters not just for you but for the whole universe and forever. An interplay of small causes and large consequences.

(This write up was saved 4 years ago. I just read it now and there are a few things I could have edited but I choose not to. I will just publish it as it is.)

Ntinda Ekaye

This is part of a story that was started by Joel, continued by Roland and Kahill….

Calm down… she whispered.

For a moment I thought it was come down…

My mind was already running wild with desire, I was not thinking straight, my hands were growing weary yet full of strength, I felt like could lift an elephant yet felt so weak. I Could hardly feel my knee caps.

This is it,  I thought to self. Am taking my crush down tonight. My boxers already at knee level as my other hand searched her body. Every tiny inch of her like a ‘foreigner’ being checked for C4 at an American Airport. My heart was pumping, my eyes dilating, I was sweating yet shivering like a little child who has caught a fever from playing in the rain. My member at full stretch!

Stop it! Stop it! She yelled out as she broke away from my firm grip. I told you to calm down, she went on. We can’t be doing this. Not so soon. I really like you. I just can’t seem to get Richard off my mind… and you say he is your elder brother. That makes things even more complicated.  I don’t want to be dubbed the family whore.

Come on hun,  you are anything but! You are amazing, I really need you, I tried to reason back as she pulled further away. We can’t be doing this, she told me. You need to dress up.

Right in that moment,  I could feel my brother staring down at me. With that ugly look. His gu nose breathing down my neck. With that grin I hated so much. I win again! That’s all I could hear in my mind. A rage started to boil on the inside of me. I did not know whether to be angry at my brother or to first deal with the shame of being naked in my Crush’s presence and being told to dress up.

You know we can’t do this, I could still hear her say… as if from a distance. I had drifted away, conjuring my next move…

lost-in-thought-aaa40448-b413-4645-8be1-ca9639826151To be continued

8 Days later, Has anything changed?

@ikomusana my friend you are simply amazing. Great piece here. The minute I started reading, I just couldn’t stop.

Everything and Nothing

My heart is breaking. While I was looking around to buy coffee at the Dullis International airport in Washington,  I ran into my pastor Gary Skinner of Watoto Church in the flesh, without any lights and sound from church.

Excitement couldn’t be contained and a selfie was requested, but in typical me mode,  I didn’t save it.
So yes my heart is breaking but it’s a warm fuzzy break because I still had an opportunity to talk to someone I revere, admire and whose vision I am proud to be invited to, I just don’t have a picture to prove it..

7 days, 8nights , enough junk food to last me a lifetime,  a year older, a whole bunch of business cards to fill my brand new wallet, and an IMF/World Bank credibility chip later,  am on my way back home.

Back to life as I absolutely know it and…

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Here again

Oh how fast the years go by,  it’s been 5 years now since I stood in the freedom square. [Is that even the name?] Dad had travelled into the city a night before, oh how he loves a graduation ceremony! I remember everything so vividly,  have I been blessed with an interesting memory or does it come easily to everyman?

I remember my hunt for a suit to wear to the function.  Hmmmm some bits are best left unsaid I guess. Well I ended up in a black suit ant grey shirt that didn’t fit so well…. well I look back and can’t keep myself from laughing at the day.

I have never really been excited about graduation and examination results,  I still remember when my friends celebrated admission to Undergrad, I just kept on like nothing had really happened, maybe it’s because I expected nothing less [humble brag] and so was graduation, the 3 years of University had come and gone by so easily without much to write home about. I didn’t stay up late or wake up so early to read, I some how always did well enough to get on by…

Those days are long gone now. Am back to the drawing board 5 years later and I can’t seem to have a firm grip on this one. The work load piles up on day one!  You get course work before a lecturer even comes to class. In a month of school I have lost count of the course works and tests I have done. Actually we teach ourselves. The lecturers do a good job of handing us the course outline am seating in as we fight our way through the materials.

So now I do school related work all week long!  Yes, even Sunday.  I am slowly losing it! But oh how I like it. How I love listening to people present and appreciate how differently we perceive information.  It is true we are complex beings.

I have enjoyed writing spontaneously on this one. Let me first present on Vertical integration and I promise to pick this up someday. I am actually being a bad student.  People are presenting and am scribbling on….

To be continued….


I thought I should say a little about myself. Nothing fancy. Just a simple narrative about me.  You could call it my CV, but this is much more fun. No tension,  no job application on the line, just life,  it’s pleasures and downsides.

I am tempted to start it with the family lineage.  From my great grand parents and their migration into East Africa, why they chose Uganda and how they finally ended up in Fort portal, but that’s a story for another day. I promise to sit down with my father and grandmother over a cup of coffee soon to do a write up of all that information.  I have heard the stories several times but I don’t want to write about them without ‘full proof.’ Not like they have them documented anywhere but their heads…

I am the 8th of 11 children,  for now… I come before 3 beautiful sisters, after 5 brothers and 2 other sisters. I know some people that have issues with numbers have pulled out their scientific calculators. Fidgeting with tan and cos. Haha, it’s not really that hard.

I am a December born so I have always heard special attachments to Christmas. Mainly because we never really celebrated our birthdays. Christmas was the closest thing I heard to a birthday celebration.

I was never one of the most intelligent kids in class in my younger days. I was also never among the worst. On good days I would find myself among the top 10 in the class. A very disciplined student. I only got beaten on assembly once in my 7 years of Primary.  I was in Primary 5 and my ingenious brother suggested that we skip the evening assembly,  so we strolled home on a Friday evening, just a few meters from home, we met the head teacher.  He grilled us and told us to see him on Monday morning at the assembly.  That was my worst weekend ever. That was Buhinga Primary school.  7 faithful years. I did fairly well. I made it to my first choice school.

Ntare School is where I went for my high school. It was six fun filled years there! Given that the sports facilities were outside the school fence, the gates were open every evening, and from 1pm every weekend. We had weekend plot,  If it wasn’t a show it was a debate or a discussion an SU conference. I was there. I went on to become debate club chair,  played on the school basketball team, scripture union secretary, I did drama (wrote, directed, acted plays)… I did it all.

Business school had never been my dream destination.  I wanted to do a talking job.  Mass com or journalism, I even considered law at a certain point in my life. I ended up in the Procurement and Supply Chain management class. On my first day at University, I had no idea what it is I had signed up for. (In all fairness, many of my friends thought I was dealing in chains.) When class finally begun, I understood everything from day one. I had never felt more intelligent in my life! The concepts made sense to me with not much of a struggle at all. I loved being at business school.

It’s been 4, coming to 5 years now at the workplace,  I have done several things, all in line with my career but that old craving for a much more fun environment as opposed to processes and systems is slowly creeping back. I can’t seem to crack the whole idea of just keeping the wheel going.  Spending my life in excel sheets and trackers. It’s clearly not meant for me or I am not meant for it.

This is the boring part. Soon I will move on to more intriguing stuff, zoom in more on my beliefs, passions, thoughts and perspective towards life. For this I will take inspiration from Michelangelo, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Some day this statue will come to life.

Who am I?


Well, I should have started doing this a while back. I could list a number of reasons as to why I did not, I could blame it on the several social media platforms that I subscribe to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… there seems to be so many avenues for writing, ranting, getting people’s attention to what one would like to say.

Then again, there is nothing quite like a good blog. May be the real reason I have not done this is the fear that I will not be consistent. That I will not do it as well as I would love to. So I worry about what I my fail to do right. That it will be another site I open but never really get to engage and maximize its full potential. Some times I worry about the content I will put up, what if I run out of ideas, do I want to write about politics, love, Africa, wild life, business, movies. Do I want to write about it all or just specialize on one or two topics. Do I want to write about self or about the environment. Feelings, or logical thinking.

What audience do I want to appeal to? Is it lovers of sports, religion, government, business people looking for reviews of products, students of culture seeking to learn about the African way of life or is it the lovers of fiction on the look out for any good read, is it to the hopeless romantics, digging up new ideas on how to impress their loved ones, career people, in search of ideas on how to rekindle their failing careers, do I want to be a motivational writer, comic, joker, analytical thinker?

One would imagine that by the time I finally decide to do this, I have it all figured out. I have a review of myself, I define myself in one way or the other. I love to read people’s profiles and they have themselves well thought out, Political analyst, Philosopher, some even love doctors. I am not going to define this. I am going to do it and I hope well and long enough for it to define me instead. I will write from my passions. Talk about life from my perspective. I will love doing this, because I love narratives and some day when I look back to this my preamble, I hope I will smile and say to myself, “I am glad I did it.” Then I will turn to self and ask, “What took you so long?”

Oh I am excited about this. I will go about it by the good words of Martin Luther King Jnr,“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” I will keep chipping this rock bit by bit until the image is clear. Until its beauty can be appreciated.  Am glad to have finally started, from the start!

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